the Perlita resembles Beluga caviar in its large egg size, jet black color and intense salty-creaminess. I think that the flavor is more bitter and less complex than my memories of Caspian beluga, but that might be just memory. Full disclosure, I have always preferred Ossetra caviar, which has a slightly smaller, firmer eggs of a deep brown-golden color that pop between your teeth. However, the Perlita made a lovely first course with a bottle of cold Macon so no complaints here. The traditional accompaniments include creme fraiche, capers, chopped hard boiled egg and wild chives from our yard.

Jim Brohman


L' Esturgeonniere was one of the first French enterprises to select the Siberian sturgeon twenty years ago; at the beginning due to the quality of their meat and then to produce an excellence caviar into a custom built farm, using pure water from the Landes in Aquitaine, France, as well as ideal conditions and the better treatment for females to produce the best caviar, valued not only for professionals, but for lovers of gourmet sector worldwide.

Michel Berthommier, L’Esturgeonniere’s CEO, highlights how the company has evolved in the market: before, the majority of caviar came from the Caspian Sea, and it was considered a rare delicacy.

Caviar Perlita, Aquitaine, France